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Sep 26, 2005 - 2 minute read - Comments

RTD of java

Everyone who use VC++ knows that VC++ have a Run Time Debugger in it. And you can watch assemble code of you program or even ofcommon library code. Farther, we use Ollydbg or softice or something like that which is called Run Time Debugger to track the program. Or looking assemble code, enumerate window handles or some other handles, searching stack for something importent like password. In a word, you can do anything you wanna. However, if you use a kernel debuger like kd in DDK.

You can even debugger kernel date like process link list…

Recently, when I learn java. I find a interesting thing of java. Maybe java could also have something to takeRTD like ollydbg of C++. We know java run a program by javaw or something in same to explain middle code. If we use a javaw written by us. Maybe we can get how many objects and how many threadnow. Also maybe we can find someones’ object type, decode how runningmiddle code operate this objects. Finnally we can find out what the program do, what the java system library do, how there did that, and, most importent, what will happen out of expect.

For example, if a have things like that. Frist of all, I’ll try to debug tomcat. To find how they are run. But, seriously, it’s weast of time. source code of tomcat is opened…

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